Healthy Food Benefit

The Power of Healthy Food for your Medicare Members

Program management and integrated solutions for improved access to appropriate dietary meal benefits

Our program design combines best in class services and technology that includes—food procurement and selection oversight, nutritional services, delivery, customer care, and more.

Let us create and manage this program for your Medicare Advantage members.

Healthy Food Choices for All

It’s easy for members to find plan-approved food items that fit their needs.

Fresh Produce

Pantry Staples

Prepared Meals

Frozen Meals

Learn more about the nutritional variety available to your plan and membership.

Healthy Food Benefit Cards & Catalog Access

Shop in store through our industry leading grocery network or select home deliveryMembers can take advantage of the benefit the way they choose.

Design your healthy food benefit to appeal to your members. Incorporate the food benefit into your supplemental benefit offering, create a flex wallet configuration, or manage as a standalone offering.

Healthy Food Benefit Card Access


Largest network of grocers and retailers


SKU-restricted items to ensure the healthiest selection


Contact center support

Healthy Food Catalog & Online Access


Expanded selection of items


Convenient home delivery


Support of chronic condition, special diet, and post-discharge needs


Contact center, mobile app, and website support

Regardless of the channel, all transactions and allowance balances are automatically tracked, available to the member, and reported back to you.

Expertise + Integration + Analytics = Performance

Our team supports all of our supplemental benefits programs from start to finish. And our award-winning technology gives us the tools to deliver the comprehensive capabilities and reporting health plans need–from multiple programs on a single card to chronic condition alignment and analytics to better understanding member behavior.

See how simple it is to add a healthy food benefit to your supplemental benefit program.