OTC Benefit Card

Compliant Debit Card & Flex Card Solutions

OTC benefit card, mail order, and flex wallet programs for over-the-counter benefits administration.

Convey’s OTC Benefit Card 

The Convey OTC benefit card solution is a focal point of our thoughtfully developed, member-centric OTC services. As the market-leading provider of supplemental OTC benefit administration services, Convey delivers the solutions your members genuinely appreciate while helping to ensure your health plan’s success.

We designed the Convey OTC benefit card program to help your MA beneficiaries make the most of their OTC benefits to achieve or maintain wellness. And with integration into our flex wallet program, members can have simplified access to more benefits than ever before!

Expertly Designed

Years Administering Supplemental Benefits

Medicare Advantage Organizations Served

Benefit Configurations Managed by our Dedicated Teams

Convey manages member experience, compliance, and utilization, so you can focus on your core competencies. Your members receive our award-winning customer service every step of the way.

Comprehensive Administration of
Flexible Card Benefits

We support our point-of-sale OTC benefit card with Convey’s Miramar technology and administrative services. With our expertly designed program, we track utilization accurately so that you only pay for what the members use.

Specifically built to manage and support the supplemental benefits program, Miramar easily exchanges member data, enforces compliance, and allows for varying benefit designs. 


Flexible, configurable benefit design


Business rules management


Partnership with #1 global VISA payments processor


Transaction activity and account balance access for members and plans


Utilization monitoring


Eligibility file processing - from all formats


Disease-state programming


Member self-service functionality


Fulfillment services


Comprehensive CMS reporting


Dedicated account management

Integrated OTC
Benefit Card Solution

Convey’s purpose-built solution and services support the OTC benefit card platform in concert with our other ordering channels–in place since we began administering this program in 2008.

Members receive an OTC debit card with a pre-determined allowance for approved, health-related OTC products. Products such as cold or allergy medications, compression socks, and sleep aids are available in store, and through our home delivery program.

OTC benefit card for in-store purchases at national merchants

Health plan branded website with live chat

Mobile app for 24/7 access at the member’s fingertips

Dedicated call center staffed with award-winning member advocates

Mail-in forms included in catalogs and home-delivery shipments

The OTC Benefit Card Program

Expanding Beyond
OTC Benefits

With the OTC debit card, Convey’s flexible card solution can aggregate and support nearly all supplemental benefits (50 purses). 

Your members leverage one debit card for access to all integrated benefits and merchants via in-store purchases, home delivery, curbside pickup, and in-office transactions. They also benefit from one award-winning customer service center to coordinate it all. 

Your plan benefits from one account manager, one reporting suite, one set of service level agreements, and consolidated billing.



General Wellness

  • Food and grocery
  • Meal delivery
  • Wellness incentives
  • Adult day care services
  • Therapeutic massage


  • Non-emergency
  • Commuter

Connected Devices

  • Fitness equipment
  • Smart watch
  • Smart phone
  • Tablet

Table Stakes

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Copayments
  • Coinsurance
  • Prescriptions

Safety & Fall Prevention

  • Home improvement installations
  • Bathroom safety items
  • Personal emergency response systems (PERS)

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